Kozara National Park

Kozara National Park with its natural beauties represents a great place for nature lovers. Mountain springs and streams of clean, drinking water can be seen in the whole National Park area. Some parts of the watercourses are very picturesque, narrowed in the form of canyons and gorges which makes an impression on visitors. Sites such as Zeciji kamen (a waterfall) and Gumlinski tjesnac (a gorge) are worth seeing. The peaks of the National Park boast beautiful views of the surrounding area. Picturesque landscapes can be seen from numerous viewpoints. The Park is home to over 900 plant species and its vast and dense coniferous and decidous forests hide various animal species. The center of cultural life is a Memorial Complex with a museum, memorial wall and 33 m high monument.

WWW: https://www.npkozara.com

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