Monument of Nature Skakavac

“The awe-inspiring Monument of Nature “”Skakavac,”” is a true gem among tourism destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Standing tall at 98 meters, this magnificent waterfall is renowned as one of the highest in the entire Balkans. Protected since 1954, the area spanning 4.00 hectares is a nature lover’s paradise teeming with native flora and fauna, including the elusive Bosnian lily (Lilium bosniacum) found exclusively in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Explore the 13th to 15th-century necropolis tombstones (stećci) near Babin Creek, a testament to the region’s rich historical heritage. Surprisingly, this natural wonder lies a mere 12 km away from Sarajevo’s city center, offering convenient access to a unique and unforgettable natural and cultural experience.”


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