When you look at the map,  Slovenia seems small. When you are on the ground in Slovenia, however, you realize quickly this Central European country is big in all the ways that matter. Big mountains, big responsible-travel strategies, big hospitality, and a really big heart are all huge aspects of this country, which National Geographic has called “the world’s most sustainable.”

On top of that, this idyllic country, which sits between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, provides travelers with a special diversity not found in many other places. Slovenia — wedged between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia — is a combination of landscapes, multiple languages, customs, culinary traditions, and music. It is also one of the friendliest and safest places in Europe.

If you have come to hike in the Alps, cycle in the Karst Region, play in one of the many clean rivers, swim in the sea, eat incredible and fresh food, or hang out in one of its cities, you can  feel confident that you’ll find your special place here. And, because Slovenians care about sustainable tourism practices as much or more than nearly any other country on the planet, you can also feel good knowing your visit will contribute to creating a better and more responsible path for the travel industry in general.