Montenegro — the “Wild Beauty” — is a small country with charisma, charm, and easygoing mystique. On the western edge of the Balkan Peninsula and hugging the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is a combination of intense landscapes, rugged mountains, cultural diversity, and rich history, and modern flair.

With a coastline that deserves mention among Europe’s most spectacular seaside destinations, Montenegro is also fortunate to have five national parks as well as world-class hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, and canyoning.

Going “off the beaten path” may be a cliché, but adventurous travelers flock to Montenegro for just that, the chance to lose themselves in a place that time and fast-paced priorities have forgotten. Explorers follow shepherds´ trails and the changing colors of mountain pastures and wild waters. They break bread with the locals. They — like you — come to write and rewrite their own personal stories while also slowing down and letting go.