Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is so much more than a country to visit. It’s a place you go to reconnect with nature, history, and people famous for their warmth and hospitality.

This beautiful, heart-shaped country in Southeastern Europe covers more than 50,000 square kilometers and stretches between Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro — connecting the mountains to the Adriatic Sea. The unspoken outdoor adventure center of the Western Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina represents what is best about the region: the rugged Dinaric Alps, isolated highland villages, a mix of rich cultures and traditions, and a fascinating, complex, and long history.

Within this country, which has a population of more than 3 million, deep canyons, jagged peaks and fast-flowing, emerald streams and rivers crisscross the landscape. Not surprisingly, Bosnia and Herzegovina has hosted many whitewater rafting World Championships as well as cycling, skiing, and running events. The country also boasts 380 kilometers of the Via Dinarica Mega Trail, which links all eight countries of the Western Balkans (from Slovenia to North Macedonia). National Geographic called the Via Dinarica one of the world’s best travel experiences.