Tišina Protected Habitat

“Tišina Wetlands: A Natural Water Wonderland

Tišina wetlands are a hidden gem nestled in Republika Srpska’s enchanting Municipality of Šamac. This protected wetland complex, comprising Mala Tisina, Velika Tisina, and Zandrak ponds, offers an untouched continental natural habitat. Thriving in harmony, Tišina Pond plays a crucial role in preserving diverse plant and animal species, influencing the region’s ecosystem with its flood plain protection.

Prepare for tranquility as you explore Tišina’s wetlands’ lush surroundings. Covering 196.49 hectares, the picturesque landscape captivates nature enthusiasts and curious travelers alike. With over 130 bird species and 21 fish species, this aquatic wonderland promises unforgettable moments for birdwatchers and aquatic enthusiasts. The destination offers kayaking and canoeing, sport fishing, walking paths, a campsite, and a plethora of cultural heritage activities and events to make this a worthwhile stopover in your discovery of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

WWW: https://zs-tisina.com/

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