A well-known destination in Albania, in the center of the country, is Pllaja e Dumresë (Dumre Plateau). Dumre is located between the river Shkumbin and the river Devoll which define Dumre’s natural borders.  Belsh is the most well-known city and economic center in the region. The city of Belsh has played a significant role in the cultural and historical development of ancient Albania since the Early Bronze Age.  Today, the area around Belsh is a thriving agricultural and agrotourism region, known for its numerous lakes, olives groves, and saffron fields.

Its central location, alongside the interurban road that connects the north with the south of Albania, makes Belsh suitable for economic interactions and development. Artifacts and ceramics found at archeological sites confirm the development of the first proto-urban Illyrian towns. Research also shows that during ancient times, the characteristics of the region helped in developing of the area as a cultural and economic center.