Blue Operation: Wildlife Conservation Tours

The Bay of Kotor faces noise pollution, and hazards caused by the irresponsible operation of vessels. Violations of speed and navigation rules not only endanger humans but also the entire marine ecosystem. This type of behavior not only affects humans but also poses a threat to numerous animals who have been run over, injured, or forced out of their natural habitats. The decline in fish population and the increasing number of turtles being harmed are direct consequences of uncontrolled rides in the bay, which have yet to face adequate penalties.

Due to various human activities, such as shipping, recreational boating, and underwater construction, the marine environment is constantly subjected to noise pollution. This noise can significantly impact marine life, including dolphins, by disrupting their natural behaviors, communication, and feeding patterns. The absence of “silent spots” means that dolphins in the Bay of Kotor and the wider Mediterranean Sea are constantly exposed to anthropogenic noise, which can harm their well-being and overall ecosystem health.
Efforts to mitigate noise pollution and create quieter areas within the marine environment are crucial for the conservation and protection of marine life, including dolphins.
Join a visit with purpose and sign up for responsible boat tours that help make a difference for our Mediterranean Sea. You help the adoption of sustainable practices in the boat tour niche by choosing responsible drivers who follow speed regulations. You can have an impact on preserving marine biodiversity by joining these leisurely, slow boat tours that offer opportunities for fascinating encounters with local marine life.

During each boat tour, you’ll be accompanied by one or two experts in marine mammals who will enhance your journey with educational stories. Furthermore, you can get an up-close experience of marine life using our hydrophone:

  • Listen to the real-time sounds of dolphins and other marine creatures in the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea.
  • The knowledgeable guides will provide insights into dolphins’ unique vocalizations, enhancing your understanding of the marine ecosystem.

Welcome to contribute to the conservation of the marine ecosystem in the Bay of Kotor and to be the catalyst for meaningful change!

TransformaTivat Public Art Walk

Tivat’s city center by the seaside “Pine” attracts people from near and far and traditionally forms the midpoint of its social life. Visitors and locals appreciate to linger and stroll where there is no car traffic and the views are open to the beautiful bay. A disruptive factor in the charming cityscape of Tivat had been that unsightly electrical cabinets were standing around in many places in the middle of the city, spoiling the idyllic image of this place. Necessary, yet ugly pieces of infrastructure met in most human settlements with electricity – things we see everyday and have learnt to ignore. The boring, dreary gray of these “transformers” did not fit into the lovely surroundings. In order to improve this situation, the Tivat Tourism Organisation invited local artists to brainstorming on how to change the picture. The “TransformaTivat” idea was soon born. The project aimed not only to solve the problem of unattractive electrical cabinets, but also to involve the local community, in a new cooperation with artists, to share meaningful messages with affordable interventions. The goal was also to stimulate residents and visitors to slow down, stop, reflect, start conversations – and enjoy the sustainable transformation of the city, which is visible in many other ways as well.

Painted by local artists, the cabinets located along the promenade stretch from Pine to Kalimanj, seek to add a touch of beauty to Tivat’s urban landscape. Apart from the visual appeal offered freely to any passer-by, this is also a form of social activism. Each box is unique and distinct, expressive of the individual artistic character, and guided by the universal idea that we are not alone in the world. The works are also wake-up calls in quest for truth: we are all, with everything we do, directly responsible for the planet Earth, nature and all living things.

The TransformaTivat tour is an offer for an eye-appealing excursion, for locals and visitors alike, to explore and enjoy adorned cabinets as mini works of public art. The tour is a perfecly accessible little tour to everyone enjoying murals, public and street art.