A magnet for travelers becomes a beacon for change

Tivat has lured visitors for decades — today the Western Balkans first “Green Destination” seduces with responsible tourism

Tivat, a coastal town, sits at the confluence of dramatic scenery — and pockets of sustainable tourism success stories.  Green mountains and Nature Park Vrmac, which it shares along the Boka Bay with Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for Nature and Culture, surround this seductive destination. The village of Gornja Lastva, on Vrmac was chosen for the “Upgrade Programme” of the UNWTO Best Tourism Villages 2021.

Tivat’s story of change is remarkable. For over a century hundreds of handymen, locksmiths, and boatbuilders were trained here. Today, the most beautiful yachts, sailing under flags from all over the world, come and stay in Porto Montenegro. A former military harbor has transformed to a prestigious home of yachts and sailing. The area’s second peninsula, Lustica, is known for its traditional local produce of olive oil, cheese, and prosciutto. Stunning beaches, cycling and hiking trails, and the Lustica Bay are the places to get active and relax.

Tivat has set a national and indeed international example for its healthy transformation from an enchanting, and somewhat underrated small town, into a beloved destination. It has preserved its tradition and amenities of coastal life, along with the Mediterranean hospitality, gastronomy, lifestyle, living culture, and the rich historical and maritime heritage, which serve as Boka’s landmarks. The town itself feels changed and unchanged at the same time.

The city park, founded in 1892, is a lush botanical garden — a protected area of fir, cedar and pine trees, as well as a range of exotic plants brought here by seafarers from all over the world — a great place to stroll and refresh. Between the town and Lustica, the Special Nature Reserve Tivatska Solila invites people to explore, walking or cycling, and to learn about the cohabitation of man and nature. The name comes from the salt pans where salt was once extracted. Today, Tivatska Solila is a well-protected area and one of the few remaining coastal wetlands and bird sanctuaries on the eastern Adriatic; an important resting place for migratory birds and home to 111 bird species, such as flamingos, cranes, cormorants, or hawks. It was named the winner of Green Destinations Top 100 Story Awards 2020 in the category “Nature and Ecotourism.”

Another practice of positive change is “TransformaTivat.” Here, local artists have redesigned electrical cabinets from blank, gray canvases into works of public art. Located along the seaside promenade stretch, they bring creative vibes into unexpected places and have beciome perfect for families, cyclists and all those enjoying street art.

Tivat is the first town in the Western Balkans to be awarded by Green Destinations for its “Green Team’s” dedication to sustainable destination management and work with the local community, serving citizens and visitors alike.

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